Breaking the code.

In a reality where regardless of the increasing number of creative producers and potential buyers, the acquisition of art has been mystified for several years. It generally remains as obscure as remote to the common public. It is no secret that the machinery of this market still holds to the elites, and it is systematically dependent on conditions of economic inequality and unfair contracted labor, Aware of the power structures that run this industry despicably and we diverge.

In the past few years, several organizations have assembled in resistance to this system of cultural and social exploitation, we believe in the adequation of the logistics of production, distribution, and exhibition for creative goods.

Gully is part of this turn, we gather works from artists and brands from all around the world and displaying it for sale at fair prices. With no institutional intermediaries nor inflation, it not only simplifies but propose a market that is kind to its creative community, while responsive to the social and economic realities of its consumers.

It is Gully’s ultimate goal to stimulate and unite the longed-for independent market.

Web-based, operated in Montreal.

Latin American creators

Gully is compromised with supporting in the most direct and effective way Latin American creatives. Our goal to establish a market that facilitates the commerce of creative goods and art pieces produced by Latin American creators internationally. Our mission is to grow value around the creativity within our cultures, build independent industries, expand our market to other countries.